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Monday, September 28, 2009

2010 Honda Insight EX

2010 Honda Insight EX2010 Honda Insight EX instrument panel and steering wheel2010 Honda Insight EXMeet the “affordable hybrid.”
That’s a new item on your ever-expanding menu of hybrid choices. We’ve tested hyper-miler hybrids—the original three-cylinder Honda Insight at the dawn of this millennium, rated at 49 mpg city and 61 highway by today’s EPA methods—and “muscle-car” hybrids, the 5.5-seconds-to-60 Lexus GS450h. There have even been perplexing hybrids; Honda never was able to convince customers of the benefits of the 2005 Accord hybrid. All of the above were mileage makers, more or less, but none put a priority on affordability. Now Honda is turning that page with this five-door, five-seat Insight; it says the emphasis here is on bringing down the price of hybrid benefits more than pushing out the technical frontier.

Volkswagen L1 Concept - Gallery

Saturday, September 12, 2009

2009 Mazda Tribute

2009 Mazda Tribute

The 2009 Mazda Tribute is a SUV that seats up to five passengers. The 2009 Mazda Tribute is a carryover from 2008.

2009 Mazda Tribute interior

Tribute i SportAutomaticFWD2.5L I445171 hp171@450020/28$18,484 $19,730
Tribute i TouringAutomaticFWD2.5L I445171 hp171@450020/28$21,473 $22,935
Tribute s SportAutomaticFWD3.0L V645240 hp223@430018/26$21,585 $23,055
Tribute i SportAutomaticFT 4-WD2.5L I445171 hp171@450019/25$22,042 $23,545
Tribute s TouringAutomaticFWD3.0L V645240 hp223@430018/26$22,653 $24,200
Tribute i Grand TouringAutomaticFWD2.5L I445171 hp171@450020/28$23,044 $24,620
Tribute i TouringAutomaticFT 4-WD2.5L I445171 hp171@450019/25$23,110 $24,690
Tribute s SportAutomaticFT 4-WD3.0L V645240 hp223@430017/24$23,216 $24,805
Tribute s Grand TouringAutomaticFWD3.0L V645240 hp223@430018/26$24,224 $25,885
Tribute i Grand TouringAutomaticFT 4-WD2.5L I445171 hp171@450019/25$24,681 $26,375
Tribute s Grand TouringAutomaticFT 4-WD3.0L V645240 hp223@430017/24$25,856 $27,635
Tribute s TouringAutomaticFT 4-WD3.0L V645240 hp223@430017/24$24,285 $25,950
Tribute Touring HEVVariable Speed AutomaticFWD2.5L I4 Hybrid45153 hp136@450034/31
Tribute Touring HEVVariable Speed AutomaticFT 4-WD2.5L I4 Hybrid45153 hp136@450029/27
Tribute Grand Touring HEVVariable Speed AutomaticFWD2.5L I4 Hybrid45153 hp136@450034/31
Tribute Grand Touring HEVVariable Speed AutomaticFT 4-WD2.5L I4 Hybrid45153 hp136@450029/27

2009 Mazda Tribute

2010 Mazda3

2010 Mazda3

Mazda3 i SV Sedan5-Speed Manual w/ODFWD2.0L I445148@6,500135@4,50024/32$14,108$15,045
Mazda3 i Sport Sedan5-Speed Manual w/ODFWD2.0L I445148@6,500135@4,50024/32$14,975$15,975
Mazda3 i Touring Sedan5-Speed Manual w/ODFWD2.0L I445148@6,500135@4,50024/32$16,397$17,500
Mazda3 s Sport Sedan5-Speed Manual w/ODFWD2.5L I445167@6,000168@4,00022/29$17,559$18,740
Mazda3 s Grand Touring Sedan5-Speed Manual w/ODFWD2.5L I445167@6,000168@4,00022/29$20,133$21,500
Mazda3 s Sport 5-Door5-Speed Manual w/ODFWD2.5L I445167@6,000168@4,00022/29$18,016$19,230
Mazda3 s Grand Touring 5-Door5-Speed Manual w/ODFWD2.5L I445167@6,000168@4,00022/29$20,133$21,500

A 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is optional on both 4-Door and 5-Door.

2010 Mazda3 sedan

2010 Mazda3 sedan2010 Mazda 3 sedan interior

2010 Mazda3 hatchback

2010 Mazda3 hatchback interor2010 Mazda3 hatchback seats

2009 Cadillac DTS

2009 Cadillac DTS

DTS V84-Speed Automatic w/ODFWD4.6L V845275 hp295@440015/23$41,121$43,980
DTS Luxury I4-Speed Automatic w/ODFWD4.6L V846275 hp295@440015/23$43,926$46,980
DTS Luxury II4-Speed Automatic w/ODFWD4.6L V845275 hp295@440015/23$44,394$47,480
DTS Luxury III4-Speed Automatic w/ODFWD4.6L V845275 hp295@440015/23$46,011$49,210
DTS Performance4-Speed Automatic w/ODFWD4.6L V845292 hp295@440015/22$48,601$51,980

2009 Cadillac DTS

The 2009 Cadillac DTS is a luxury sedan which carries up to six passengers. The 2009 Cadillac DTS is a carryover from 2008.

2009 Cadillac DTS interior2009 Cadillac DTS seating

Cadillac DTS Spoiler

Car Spoilers for Cadillac DTS

Save Money by Buying Your Spoiler After the Purchase!

Spoilers from $160.00 unpainted or $260.00 painted

2009 Cadillac CTS-V

2009 Cadillac CTS-V
2009 Cadillac CTS-V2009 Cadillac CTS-V interior


Monday, September 7, 2009


Epica has evolved. Expect nothing less than sheer driving pleasure with elevated performance, features, design and space. In fact the only thing that hasn’t evolved, is the price. Cruise in style with one of two 6-cylinder engines - a 2.0L with 144 hp pr a 2.5L pushing 156 hp. Surround yourself with 360 degrees of safety features such as four-channel ABS with electronic brake-power distribution and a rigid passenger cell with dual front and side airbags.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toyota Corolla

2010 Volkswagen Jetta - Buy your new car online at

Starting MSRP: $17,515

Starting Invoice: $16,863

Gas Mileage: 21 mpg city / 29 mpg highway
Engine: 5 Cylinder, DOHC, 2.5 Liter
Horsepower: 170 @5700 Torque: 177 @4250 ft-lbs
Weight: 3230 lbs. Lbs per HP: 19.00

Trans: Manual
Drive: FWD
Fuel Capacity: 14.50 gallons Fuel Type: Unleaded
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