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Monday, July 27, 2009

Fiat Car

Fiat India, a child company of Fiat Auto Spa of Italy, makes world-class cars available in India at competitive and affordable prices. The company specializes in localizing its cars, and gets them assembled in a tailor-made way. Fiat has a history of licensing its products to other countries.About the CompanyFiat was founded more than a century before in 1899 at Turin, Italy by Giovanni Agnelli. It is a big industrial group involved automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and production systems. The group, which operates in more than hundred countries, deals in diverse areas. It has more than two lakh employees all over the world.Fiat India Automobiles Private Limited (FIAPL), set up in 1997, is a joint venture of Fiat and Tata Motors. The company manufactures the Palio Stile and Palio Stile in India and imports its other cars into India from Italy. Fiat plant in India is located in Ranjangaon near Pune in Maharashtra. In collaboration with Tata Motors, the plant also manufactures Tata Indica. Premiere Automobiles Limited, a Mumbai-based manufacturer, was licensed by Fiat to manufacture its models in 1944. The company produced models like Fiat 500 and Fiat 1100. In 1973, it used the Premier name for the first time in its vehicles. Their Premier Padmini was based on Fiat 1100, Premier 118 and Premier 138D were based on Fiat 124.

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