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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Suzuki is the Maufacturer of cars in Pakistan. This company is extremely popular here, though I am not really sure that it is due to its quality, the main reason for its extremely high market is that Suzuki provides nice and reasonable cars at extremely affordable prices. It also has got leasing plans for people who cannot afford to buy a car at once.
The most Popular Car of Suzuki in this region has been Suzuki Mehran. This car is found so extensively on the roads of this region that every 3rd car you see is a Mehran. The reason for that is that Suzuki has targeted Middle Class people for this car which means almost 80% or even more of the complete population. Mehran is a 800cc car. It has a seating capacity of about 4 people, though designed for 5 people, we ill make it 4 and a half people [:D]. This car is available in VX, VXR and CNG models.

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